Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.

We meet again, dear readers. Once more unto the breech!

Recently I have despaired that Gweryc had nothing left to accomplish before the next expansion was released. It’s proven to be more work than is worthwhile to repeatedly convince people I bring value to a 5-man group, and it’s debatable whether Gweryc could ever be raid-capable. I'm disinclined to raid, in any case. Put simply, Gweryc had no end-game to pursue. One of my server's forum regulars suggested, possibly jokingly, that I form an arena team through which I could exercise my prowess as a melee hunter.

One brave soul actually responded to the arena suggestion and invited me to team with him. Fellow Hunter Beren of Argent Exodus has proved himself a capable Duelist, as well as a knowledgeable mentor. Whereas I am entirely new to the arena specifically and a PvP noob in general, Beren deals death with all the grim efficiency of a veteran killer. Learning from him and working with him is a delight, and the experience has wholly revitalized my ardor.

Our 2v2 arena team, Woe and Muscadines, hasn't done too badly for itself. We've only been playing for a couple weeks, and - especially coupled with the fact that I am a total greenhorn - I think our current 64% win rate (9-2 the first night, currently 18-10 for the season) and our ability to protect a 1600+ rating both weeks is a notable achievement.

While I did prepare somewhat by levelling my ravager Prognathous to 70 for use in PvP and by upgrading a couple of my more abhorrent pieces of armor, my gear will need to be reworked to better suit the arena. This beautiful weapon, the Vengeful Gladiator's Waraxe, will likely be the first arena reward I purchase. My respec, which technically has changed me from a Survivalist to a Beast Master, seems to be working, but I'll of course keep an eye out for possible improvements.

It feels good to have a purpose again, and I've found the arena to be enjoyable in a way that the battlegrounds are not. I'm looking forward to improving my performance therein.