Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things that don't quite make sense can be our most valuable tools.

As an Engineer, I've taken to stocking a number of tools. Some I keep with me, others in my Fel Iron Toolbox in the bank. But no tool is more valuable to me than the macros and add-ons I make daily use of. As my pet wolf Cafall continues his own ascent to level 70 (slowed significantly by the fact that I'm spending a majority of each week in battlegrounds now), I'd like to share some of my favorites. Macros today, and I'll cover add-ons soon.


"Raptor Bite"
#show Mongoose Bite
/cast [nocombat] [group] Furious Howl
/cast Raptor Strike
/stopmacro [nocombat]
/cast [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command
/use 13
/castrandom Mongoose Bite, Counterattack
This is my workhorse. Almost all of my damage is dealt by this single macro.

Line 1 sets the visible icon for the macro to be the same as Mongoose Bite. I use that as an alert; when the MB icon lights up, I know I need to hit that button as fast as possible until the MB happens.

Next, if I'm out of combat or if I'm in a group, I'll buff with Furious Howl if possible. My tests have shown that if FH is on cooldown, or even if I don't have a pet out, this line is skipped, meaning it's always safe to use. When soloing I only use FH before a fight so Cafall can reserve focus for Bites and Cowers, if necessary. But in a group, when I'm likely to be off-tanking and when there are additional melee classes nearby, the Howl is of more benefit than the Bites.

Now we try to cast Raptor Strike. This is an "on next hit" spell, so it, too, can be part of a fall-through chain of logic.

The "startattack" command initiates combat proper. If I'm in melee range, this begins dealing white damage. If I'm not in melee range, it's the equivalent of right-clicking a mob I can't reach. I stand there looking menacing, brandishing my axe, but doing nothing.

If I'm not in combat at this point, the macro stops. I want this to happen because the command "/use 13" activates the trinket in my first trinket slot if that trinket is not on cooldown. Since trinket effects tend to be short in duration, I want to make sure I'm actually in combat before I use one. As with the other commands so far, a trinket on cooldown is skipped over by this command, so the next line executes.

The line prior to the trinket activation should be familiar to any hunter who likes macros: it orders my pet, if available, to perform a Kill Command. If this is not possible, the command is skipped over.

The last line of the macro is finally one that can't be fallen through. If I've dodged or parried recently, this is the time to perform a Mongoose Bite or Counterattack. By using the "castrandom" command, the button remains spammable. As long as I spam it fast enough, the right attack will happen in a timely fashion.

/cast [modifier] Wing Clip(Rank 1); Wing Clip
This is another spam-friendly macro. If I'm trying to cause an on-hit effect to proc (my Maelstrom trinket, for example) I can hold down the alt key and expend less mana while I "gamble" for the proc; otherwise I can just press the button normally and get the most potent Wing Clip.

#show Immolation Trap
/cast [nomodifier] Immolation Trap; Explosive Trap
#show Freezing Trap
/cast [nomodifier] Freezing Trap; Frost Trap
Fire and Frost are variations on a theme. Single-target traps by pressing the button normally, and AoE effects by holding down a modifier key.

#show Call Pet
/cast [pet] Dismiss Pet; Call Pet
One-button macro for calling and dismissing my pet.

#show Revive Pet
/cast [nomodifier] Mend Pet; Revive Pet
Another one-button macro. Heals or revives my pet.

I confess that I'm no expert at the WoW macro system, so there may be bugs I don't know about or optimizations I could make to any of what I've listed above. If any are apparent, I'd love to know about them. Hopefully, though, some of you will find these useful and be able to modify them for your own use, particularly the "Raptor Bite".

Bis zum nächsten Mal!


Goeben said...

Here are a few macros that I really enjoy:

Assist macro - Use to set focus then assist your focus or a friendly target. I bind this to my F key. If you have a friendly player targeted, it functions just like the default F. If you have your tank or pet focused and no friendly player targeted, you acquire their target.

/focus [modifier:ctrl, help] target
/stopmacro [modifier:ctrl]
/assist [help] target
/assist focus

Hunter's Mark - RPs your Hunter's Mark and draws attention to what you marked (in case the big red arrow isn't enough :D ). Also acquires your focus's target if you have no current target, which can be very helpful in instances.

/assist [noharm] focus
/stopmacro [noharm]
/emote points at %t.
/cast Hunter's Mark

Distracting Single Shot - Can be used against CC'd targets (trapped, sheeped, Scattershotted, etc.) to build agro because it does not damage.

/cast Distracting Shot

Pull macro - Casts the lowest rank Arcane Shot and announces the pull.

/say -- Incoming: %t. --
/cast Arcane Shot(Rank 1)

Pet Attack - my most important macro, which greatly simplifies pet management and makes it easy to recall your pet to prevent triggering adds. Hit the macro on a Hostile Target, it will sic your Pet on that Hostile Target. Hit the macro again, it'll recall your Pet. This works best in passive mode (which should be most of the time anyway), because subsequent damage will cancel the recall if your pet is in defensive or aggressive mode.

/petfollow [target=pettarget,exists]

Brian Westley said...

Just starting out, but here are my notes about playing WoW without killing anything:

Anonymous said...

I posted a link to your blog in our guild forums, and we were wondering how you would approach the hunter epic quest, if you were to do it. (IMO the major barrier is getting the leaf from MC.)

Gweryc Halfhand said...

Re: the hunter epic quest. You're asking me a question I'm not really prepared to answer. First, I'd never want Rhok'delar. It's a terrible melee accessory, so I never really thought about what it would take to get one. On top of that, I don't enjoy raiding, so even on my normal characters I never did much beyond the occasional ZG pug. My 70 druid isn't Kara attuned, and I don't care. And I've never seen Majordomo, let alone beaten him. Honestly, even if Gweryc used ranged weapons I'd still have passed on that, just because of the raiding element.

Since you were curious about my answer, I read a little bit about the quest. At 70, I suppose I'd just have to find an MC pug and go along for the ride. I'm attuned, but I've never been. At 60 I'd have done the normal stuff: collect FR gear, and get myself down there...

I'm not entirely confident that I understand the nature of your question. If you don't feel like I've answered you satisfactorily, can you rephrase?

Anonymous said...

OK, about the epic quests. :)

Firstly, yes, the bow is in fact useless to you and the staff only marginally less so. This is actually also the case for any of the three normal hunter builds. As I recall I could have replaced mine at 63 or so, the only reason I did not was that I'd gotten the +hit enchant on my Rhok'Delar, so I didn't consider it worth replacing until I got Hemet's Elekk Gun at 66. The point of doing that quest, in the post-BC game, is solely for bragging rights. :) It used to be THE test of a hunter's "cred". I, and I guess a lot of hunter players who've been around a long time, see the quest that way because that was how it was for us. :)

Which would be the ONLY reason to do it. If you succeeded at this, it's kind of the golden ticket for being taken seriously by the ordinary players of WoW. Record yourself doing it, and your cred would approximate that of the hunter Dystopia of Frostmourne (Hunter vs World). You'd have done something people would have thought impossible.

Come to think of it, you don't have to personally have the quest; so long as another hunter has the quest, you are grouped with him/her, and he/she NEVER gets aggro on the demon, he/she can loot the demon's head after you kill it. So, that's the far easier option, given that your only interest would be proof of ability to do the quest, rather than to do the quest.

Anyway, there are four fights involved, all of which test one or more of a hunter's skills to the absolute limit. All fail if you use a pet or if someone else gets aggro on the demon. Info about them is available in various places (I have to go shortly, but I'll post them later.)

Ashfallen of Clan Shado of Icecrown. (Sorry I didn't sign off on prev comment, forgot to. :) )