Thursday, March 13, 2008

A person's abilities are tested best when defending rather than attacking.

When I went back through my last blog entry to add my TankPoints values to the items I'd listed, I thought it was incredibly odd that the resilience elixir had a value of zero. Maybe there was a bug in the TankPoints calculator?

...And then I saw it.

"The critical hit % reduction from Defense and Resilience % may be combined to reduce the chance of being critically hit by a raid boss by 5.6% making the player immune to critical hits." -- WoWWiki

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Shot at 2008-03-13

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Shot at 2008-03-13

Unless I've misunderstood those numbers (1.2% + 4.97% = 6.17%), I had become crit immune without realizing it. WoWWiki lists a macro I can run to double-check:


If the value reported by the macro is zero or negative, then I really am uncrittable against level 73 bosses. What a milestone!

Edit: Confirmed.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you're officially crit immune vs. L73 (boss) mobs! Nicely done! It should be noted, however, that your Defense is way more important than your Resil (and therefore simply being crit immune) since it also increases your chance to dodge & parry which are massively more important to you, specifically, since you can't block an attack due to not having a shield.

I would recommend stacking more Defense Rating than Resilience in the future, which will be a lot easier after 2.4 is released because of the new +Defense Rating enchants from Shattered Sun Offensive. ;)

Gweryc Halfhand said...

I agree completely about Defense versus Resilience. The problem comes from the lack of options for mail tanking gear. The PvP gear was simply the best and most easily accessible option to me at the time I started collecting it.

Another point in favor of resilience is that it costs less than defense in terms of item budgeting, so there's room left over for additional stamina and especially agility, which I need both for tanking (dodge, armor, etc.) and for aggro generation via added AP.

Anonymous said...

Resilience really is a cheap stat. For you, in this particular case, that's good, but for pretty much everyone else--save for Feral druids who need a little to hit the uncrittable range in PvE end-game--it means that PvP takes that much longer. :(

Considering that you're Scryer, you might look at the other shoulder enchant for tanks instead of the DPS one--at least on your "tanking" shoulders. And there is also the tanking helm enchant that you could consider from Keepers of Time, once you hit Revered. ;)


Anonymous :P