Sunday, April 6, 2008

Karazhan, continued.

I thought it might be fun to post a few more screenshots from my continued Karazhan runs.

I've done Midnight a few more times, but forget that... it's Moroes I wanted revenge on.

/spit, 2008-04-05

Take that, you well-mannered, undead bitch.

Disabling the Curator, 2008-03-30

I adore the Curator fight. His voice is so compellingly soothing that the fight is almost like guided meditation.

Dancing with Netherspite, 2008-03-30

Ugh, Netherspite. In the beam! Out of the beam! One beam, two beam, red beam, blue beam! I'd have killed us all if it weren't for the exceptional on-the-fly coaching from my veteran friends. As it was, I did the job perfectly. My guild was impressed with me on this one, which amounts to being impressed with my ability to follow directions. I, in turn, was impressed with their ability to tend to their own duties while telling me what to do at the same time. That takes talent.

I did not move when Flame Wreath was cast, 2008-04-06

The Shade of Aran! I was terribly excited to do this fight. Usually I feel like such a noob, but finally, I was going to do one where I already knew how it goes! As soon as I saw him on screen, I heard the Shade of Aran Chant in my head:

I will not move
when Flame Wreath is cast
or the raid blows up

In my laughable eagerness, I may have sung a little over Vent. But I did not move when Flame Wreath was cast. We did not blow up.

Tanking Illhoof, 2008-04-06

This one, I'll admit to being proud of. I not only tanked Illhoof successfully, I was the only tank left to do it. Our druid MT had to leave after Prince, and with him gone, we circled back for Aran and Illhoof with me as the only tank left in the raid. I appreciated the raid's confidence in me to do this, without the safety net of a "real" tank. I did just fine on Illhoof, who decided to reward my fortitude by dropping a Gilded Thorium Cloak for me.

I had not, however, done as well on Prince.

The usual view, 2008-03-30

Yeah, this screen shot is older than the ones of Illhoof and Aran, but what's the difference? I'm still getting myself killed on Prince, where I go as DPS, not a tank (yet). Apparently I have a real problem running away from things that blow me up. I ought to work on that, eh?

Oh, well. It's good to have something to keep me humble.


Lochrann said...

It has been an extreme amount of fun healing your ass through the Kara runs.

I hope I get to be there when you tank Prince.

More importantly, now that I've specced Ret, I hope I can run away from shit better then you if it's going to blow me up.


Stoop said...

I run a bog standard BM hunter, and this is by far the coolest thing I've seen all day. Well done sir.

Ragar said...

I've got a question for you. You mentioned in your last post that you were using 2% Threat as your glove enchant. I was wondering if 15 Agi might be better for a hunter tank. I don't recall any of the hunter melee attacks having an inherent threat component, so your threat's all coming from damage. 15 Agi would bump up your crit rate somewhat and provide a bit higher dodge for additional avoidance, not to mention the additional chance for one of your triggered attacks. If I'm overlooking something, please feel free to point it out. I may have a hunter, but warriors are my expertise. Great blog by the way.

Ephe said...

Dude, I just wanted to say it has been a fantastic read on your blog. I've stood in for a tank on NS once or twice on the hunter but never dreamed of tanking a full Kara.

Oddly enough my old main was a pally who is now prot so good luck on yours and hope to see you get prince down soon!