Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alembic Pentameter

A sonnet in iambic pentameter, dedicated to one of my more generally useless trinkets.

Infernal Power, thou art stalwart, true
Yet raiding calls for something stronger still
Resilient, blessing bearers mana blue
Mine enemies should fall before my will

Of trinkets, is it agi foremost bless'd?
Should retribution's crit my path so be?
A devil rogue's raw power manifest?
A mage's int, prolonging trickery?

Of thy heroic power I perceive
Thine star most brightly shines in PvP
For all I would my deficits relieve
When raiding, thou art little use to me

If in the end I would be bless'd by kings
I know that I should seek out other things.


Auden said...

You are so win.

metrocake said...

Hey, Gweryc? Not sure if "Hammer of Grammar" will ever come back, but the domain has expired...along with other domains attached to that one.
Could you let Auden know?

Hope all is well in Grammerland, and hope to see it back again someday. :) Gweryc, keep up with your badass self!

Gweryc Halfhand said...

Hey Metro, sorry to say, it looks like Hammer of Grammar is destined not to return. Auden has other priorities in her life now, and my MSPaint skillz aren't sufficient to keep the comic going. It's disappointing to me as well -- I always considered myself more a fan than a contributor.

Metrocake said...

I'm sorry to hear that -- but several gnome cheers to yourself and Auden for making such a fun comic. :)

I hope everything smooths out for Auden!