Friday, August 22, 2008

One last drive through the suburbs

Gweryc's once again packed his things away in boxes, moving along with his guild Nerglish to the PvE server Anvilmar. I'll let our guild master speak on behalf of the guild regarding the reasons for the guild's move, but I was personally motivated to follow them for no other reason than to continue playing with the group of friends I had made in the guild.

I've played on RP servers for years. It's a truly discomfiting experience to play on a non-RP realm again. I'm essentially suffering culture shock. In a way, it's a lot like moving to the Big City after being a farm boy your whole life. There are people everywhere -- loud people, all vying for attention. Trade chat spins by at a ridiculous clip, a street filled with hucksters ready to sell me one of the many fine watches secreted away in their trenchcoats. The auction house is filled to bursting, a veritable mega-mall that puts The Scryers's humble general store to shame. PvP queue times are thick, a congestion of traffic. People have strange names; elves carry monikers less Darnassian than Shadowrun. I'm constantly preening my ruffled feathers, reminding myself that the flood of out-of-character names, chat, guild tags, aren't reportable offenses.

I entered into several AVs my first night, helping the Alliance to win a majority of victories. In the end, I had accumulated enough honor from AV to buy a new Thrown weapon, in addition to finding a Truestrike Ring for sale at a good price, and trading some badges in for the Bloodlust Brooch. Three epics in one night isn't a bad haul, not at all. Hopefully this is the start of a trend for the guild as a whole, an omen of good fortune for our new home.


Pike said...

I could never bring myself to play on a non-RP server... tried it and failed several times. I just can't get over all those non-realistic names.

Good luck in the future!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that you are leaveing your RP server behind. I have a hord toon on venture company when I need to get away from the "LOLIHAVEANAMETHATISSILLY" of a high pop pve server. What was so uniuqe about Scryers that made it different from other RP servers?


Gweryc Halfhand said...

@Kabasue - it's not that The Scryers was unique in any way, but that it was a fairly typical RP server, meaning we had a smaller pool of potential raiders to recruit from versus the higher population (and interest in raiding) you'd find on a PvE server. Eventually the guild leadership decided that a move was in the best interests of the guild, if the guild was to stay focused on raid progression as a goal.

We had a good raid last night in Hyjal, lots of positive energy and good cooperation from another guild that filled in on some spots for us while our guild is still getting on its feet on the new server. In fact, Anvilmar as a server has been welcoming of us in general. Things are indeed looking up from a raiding perspective, and it's nice that we're already making new friends.

But I'll tell you, if for some reason things don't work out for me on Anvilmar, I'll go back home to Steamwheedle Cartel, and not regret it.