Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Did you think... we had forgotten?

Hail, fellow adventurers.

My apologies for the months-long absence. As some of you may have deduced from my last (and now deleted) blog post -- the one with the emo German poetry -- real life got a little hairy for a while there. I do prefer that this space be about Gweryc the character more than Gweryc's player, but since I've gotten a number of emails and blog comments wondering if I had died, I'll fill you all in on some of the major highlights before finally getting back to business.

Relationship Stuff:
  • I was in a very serious relationship for a while. Then I wasn't. Epic fail. Believe me, you don't want to know the details. Suffice to say, it was a lot weirder than playing a melee hunter.
  • However, I am now happily engaged to a different and superior woman. Epic win!
  • Some of you might know of my fiancee. She used to run a little webcomic called "Hammer of Grammar." I love you, Auden.
  • We are expecting our first child.
  • The child is anticipated to emerge a human female. Her character class is still unknown, but I'm hoping for a tank.
  • We are not naming her after anything in Warcraft. ...Probably.
Personal Stuff:
  • I thought I was going to be fired. But I wasn't.
  • I thought I was going to be fired. But I wasn't.
  • I thought I was going to be fired. But I wasn't. (God, that's stressful.)
  • In other words, I had a major attack of crazy. After years of suffering depression and anxiety, I finally reached a breaking point where I was willing to take medication. I'm doing a lot better now, both personally and professionally.
Warcraft Stuff:
  • My paladin friend Lochrann from my old raiding guild on Anvilmar -- the one where I tanked Kara, TK, etc -- no longer plays his paladin. This is in part because he no longer works with me at our old job, and instead bought a bar.
  • With Lochrann gone from our raiding guild, my "Friends and Family" rank wasn't really true anymore, so I resigned from the guild.
  • Lacking a guild to support Gweryc, I had little drive to play him. This was about the point where he went into deep storage.
  • Instead, because I can't resist Doin It Rong, I rolled a smite priest and power-leveled him to 80 in a mere couple of weeks. This was the point where I finally burned out on Warcraft.
  • Months went by, and unexpectedly, I -- specifically, Gweryc -- was invited to join a new guild as a Naxx tank. This guild is comprised largely of people I know in real-life, from where I work. A day or two ago, Gweryc made the transfer from Anvilmar to Lightning's Blade, beginning the long climb to 80. Why long? Well, in part because Lightning's Blade is a PvP server. Ouch.
  • Then it turns out that there's a Horde guild that frequents Lochrann's bar. No joke. Guess what server they play on? And guess where Lochrann's rerolled Horde? Yes, it's Lightning's Blade. So his old office is the Alliance and his bar is the Horde, packed onto the same PvP server. Ultimate lulz.

Random Stuff:

  • I'm about to launch another blog, TradeQuarter, containing computer-generated daily stock tips, whose origins can be traced directly back to my love of the WoW auction house. I'd never have imagined a video game having that much of an impact on my life.

Well, then! With all the drama out of the way, this blog is ready to get back on track. Gweryc is again alive and well, as am I. The landscape of hunter tanking has changed completely since I was in Karazhan, but I'm prepared. More on that in the next post.



Wren said...

Glad to see you back and writing. Also glad to hear that your life is on the up up up swing.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, welcome back :)
Really looking forward to some interesting stories again.

David said...

You're back! I was JUST about to give up on this blog, but I am happy to see that you have returned and are in a better state of mind both personally and with life in general.

Look forward to future posts!

Stephen said...

Glad to see you back!!

Gauntlet said...

Welcome back sir. Congratulations on your engagement and all else.