Monday, April 27, 2009



Anonymous said...

Looks like my evasion rogue tank that can probably dodge 3 hits before dying is gonna have to settle for DPS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gweryc,
I sometimes view your Armory Profil (and wait everyday for new answers in your blog.. (Kind of Addiction?^^))
So first at all: GZ ding 80!
I noticed that you have skilled
"Careful Aim" in the Marksmanship skilltree.. The tooltip says, that only the ranged AP is increasd by 100% of your total Intellect. Wouldn't be "Catlike reflexes" in the Beastmaster skilltree more powerfull to a meleehunter (or even a tankhunter)?
Hope you understand my english.. Its worse ;-)
Huntergreetings to my favorite Dwarf from Germany!

Gweryc said...

You might be surprised what an evasion rogue tank can do, Anon. Back in the days of vanilla WoW, my friend Bondarkly ran a guild called Rogues Gallery, that was nothing but rogues. No healers, no tanks. Just a bunch of ninjas with band-aids, and they still managed to clear most of the end-game content without any outside help.