Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ding 58: Gweryc Does Outland

This is a land in which I had long ago made my home, but which welcomed me only recently. Surrounded by new faces and new threats, my strength of will remains unbroken.

I am Gweryc, called Halfhand. Remember that name, you denizens of Outland. For I vow mastery over you. None on my home world were challenge enough. Even before the Alliance would admit I had made my way to stand among them at Honor Hold, I had proved myself more than a match for the demons plaguing Hellfire Peninsula. Inevitably, even prominent officers from Stormwind and the Wildhammer aviators confessed to needing my help.

Crippled I may be, but disabled I am not. Though my maimed hand may no longer be suited to a gun, I still have strength of arm. I am capable. Yes, I have something to prove. And with the Light as my witness, I vow to prove it.

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Kirby said...

My friend, I applaud you. I'm doing something similar, but I'm already 70. I'm trying to gear my self up and see how good of a tank I can be. When I get some more time, I'll come back and read through your entire blog, but for now, you have my support!

Lefallas, Silvermoon
70 Hunter, soon to be tank.