Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It is delicious patch. I must eat it.

Today's 2.1 patch boasts several nice enhancements relevant to the melee hunter. Of particular note:
  • The Cobra Reflexes skill, previously usable only by King Bangalash, can now be taught to hunter pets. This effect increases attack speed, but reduces damage dealt per attack. Petopia's initial report observes that the increase in speed is sufficient to raise overall pet DPS, despite the reduction in attack power.
  • There are several fixes/improvements to Kill Command. It can now trigger from Ferocious Inspiration, and Frenzy can be triggered from Kill Command. Kill Command has been removed from the global cooldown, and it can be used even when your pet is out of line-of-sight.
  • The Survival Instincts talent increases attack power by 2/4%.
  • Mend Pet has been changed from a channeled spell to an instant cast HoT, getting you back into combat faster. Improved Mend Pet also reduces the mana cost for the heal.
I've been dawdling at level 60 for a while, putzing around Hellfire Peninsula. The Kill Command changes are really encouraging me to make the push to 66. I want to start seeing those Rank 1 Wing Clip crits dishing out +130 damage, instead of the 7 damage they do now.

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