Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3.0 Notes

A few very quick notes:
  • My main server, Anvilmar, is probably my least functional server.
  • PvP is also so lagged it's impossible. No Battlemaster title for me in the near future.
  • Gweryc -- and pet wolf Cafall! -- are pushing about 745 - 800 single-target dps without any kind of raid buffs, and wearing straight out AP gear (instead of agi gems and enchants).
  • 2204 melee AP / 19.47% crit chance / 885 pet melee AP
  • If I wear my Thrown weapon (350 skill), my ranged (pet's) crit chance is 19.47%.
  • If I wear no weapon in my ranged slot, my ranged crit is 18.75%.
  • If I wear my gun (1 skill), my ranged crit is 5.79%.
  • This completely validates the need to have raised my Thrown skill. It would be foolish not to put something in that slot for the stats, but if I have an item in the slot, my pet's crit rate decreases if the skill for the weapon type isn't leveled.
  • I adore the practice dummies in Ironforge. They are a godsend to theorycrafters.
  • ...but Engineers should get Track Mechanical. Srsly.
  • Gweryc looks really weird to me with his new shave and haircut.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gweryc! I've decided to go back to trying the munter business. I'm in a 3-man group for questing to 70 with an enhancement shammy and a warrior. Since the warrior does Battle Shout, what pet in your opinion should I be using? Petopia is down and our filter here at work doesn't allow gaming websites.

Also, you say you've gone BM, but how far down the Surv tree did you go?

Cafall the Wolf (and Gweryc) said...

Hm. Well, if your warrior isn't using Demo Shout, I'm guessing he's not tanking? So, I'd go with a tank pet -- bear, boar, or maybe try out one of those new Gorilladins I've heard so much about.

As far as the Survival tree? A lonely seven points, three in Marksman (lolwut?), and everything else in BM. (The marks points were for the +3% hit.)

David said...

so I guess you have stopped blogging?

Faerondil said...

Any update on how you are doing in Wrath? Although I love the ranged aspect of my hunter, I have found this to be very interesting. Have you given up on the blog?