Monday, June 9, 2008

Disclosure is so important (because) without it we really cannot know ourselves.

For the numbers fans, Kara WWS reports I've collected so far:

2008-06-07: b2zspvasc3n3m
2,575,780 dmg out, 573 dps

2008-05-29: iuznafsrjimfu
1,916,570 dmg out, 514 dps

Thanks to my guild master Daxx for permission to post links.

By the way, in a total abuse of my blog, which is meant to be focused on being a melee hunter, not Other Stuff... we're recruiting a raid healer, if anybody wants to think about joining me on The Scryers! Check us out at

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gwerc, what has thou become? While I whole-heartedly supported you in the past (You even inspired me to create my own melee hunter - lvl 67 dw orc...aaarg), Im a little disappointed by your latest PvE build. Gwerc you have become a BM. Mind you one that melees-but a BM still.
Let me explain, BM is a strong enough build that a hunter that just heals his pet is "viable". To put it another way, a demonology specced lock, that stood beside his felguard and swung a sword. Would that be a melee lock?
I guess what im saying that a melee hunter implies that the "melee" part is the um...shiznit. Sure keep the pet for the flavor, but once your wolf goes big red...well thats BM territory.
Well anyway not to be too critical. Later.