Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why does my fortress of ultimate evil have kicky throw pillows?

By some act of God, Gweryc technically became a tier 6 raider on 11 June, when he entered into the Black Temple, helping to take down Najentus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama.

91% present; 1,614,949 dmg out; 4% out; 548 dps; 29% dps time

Yeah, my DPS time was pretty miserable, as I was trying to be cautious my first time in. I was watching and learning the fights (I hadn't done my homework because I didn't expect to go), I was bandaging myself, avoiding fires and volcanoes, etc etc. I have screen shots I can post soon, but I wanted to get the data recorded here before it evanesced from WWS. Because this one just makes me giggle:

Shade of Akama fight, Gweryc:

1020 dps.

Yeah, I know, I'm still not on par with the other raiders. But, seriously. I broke a thousand dps. I never thought that would happen, ever.


Regarding that breakthrough, and in reply to the recent anonymous poster challenging my "big red" BM-heavy spec, I think that is the sort of compromise I have to make. I have to take performance where I can, and even if that's a 61/0/0 BM build, then so be it. But keep in mind, what I really did was shuffle just a few points around to trade some of my mana efficiency (meh) and a bit of agility for Ferocious Inspiration. On paper, I'm getting the same dps boost from FI as I do from putting the three points back into Lightning Reflexes, and making myself a lot more desirable as a raider by making that boost a group buff.

In fact, a melee hunter with Ferocious Inspiration does something really cool to group makeup. Instead of gimping a ranged hunter by putting him in a melee group to share Ferocious Inspiration, you can put that ranged guy back in a group with a shadow priest for mana returns, letting him use Aspect of the Hawk instead of Aspect of the Viper, and you stash your melee hunter in with a melee group, where they get the Ferocious Inspiration buff, and the melee hunter benefits from Windfury totems, etc.


WoW Gold Guider said...
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Gweryc Halfhand said...

Commercial links via comments are not welcome here.

Yunkndatwunk said...

For people that make characters like this , is it easier on an RP server? My former main is on an RP server, but right now I'm mainly playing on a regular server to play with my "RL" friends.

I've been inspired by you and some others (no armor, no killing etc) to make my wild feral hunter he only wears pants and uses fist weapons (his "claws"). And he's a green orc so.. I just need to find purple pants heh :) After deciding that I found out the first fist weapon is lvl 10, the next is lvl 20! this will be hard :)

Gweryc Halfhand said...

@Yunkndatwunk, stick with your friends, not an RP server. I thought it was hard finding support as a melee hunter. I can't imagine what you're in for as a fist-only hunter. Let your friends help you.

As far as fist weapons, you're going to have a pretty rough time. You won't see anything worth going after until the Bloody Brass Knuckles from Vishas in the Scarlet Monastery, and those have strength, not agility.

Since I've already beaten the path of pure melee, you don't really have anything to prove there, so I wouldn't hesitate to lay some twink enchants on your fists, and make them last as long as possible.

Purple pants? Get the Leggings of the Fang from Lord Cobrahn in Wailing Caverns. The stats suit you (79 armor, 5 str, 9 agi, 4 sta), and the look will be sweet.